SQL Interview Questions part 9

You can see part 8 here.

121) Display those employee whose deptno is available in salary?

122) Display those employee whose first 2 characters from hiredate -last 2 characters of salary?

123) Display those employee whose 10% of salary is equal to the year of joining?

124) Display those employee who are working in sales or research?

125) Display the grade of jones?

126) Display those employees who joined the company before 15 of the month?

127) Display those employee who has joined before 15th of the month.

128) Delete those records where no of employees in a particular department is less than 3.

129) Display the name of the department where no employee working.

130) Display those employees who are working as manager.

131) Display those employees whose grade is equal to any number of sal but not equal to first number of sal?

132) Print the details of all the employees who are Sub-ordinate to BLAKE?

133) Display employee name and his salary whose salary is greater than highest average of department number?

134) Display the 10th record of emp table(without using rowid).

135) Display the half of the ename’s in upper case and remaining lowercase?


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