SQL Interview Questions part 10

You can see part 9 here.

136) Display the 10th record of emp table without using group by and rowid?

 137) Delete the 10th record of emp table;

138) Create a copy of emp table;

139) Select ename if ename exists more than once.

140) Display all enames in reverse order?e.g. (SMITH:HTIMS).

141) Display those employee whose joining DATE is available in deptno.

142) Display those employees name as follows

               A ALLEN

               B BLAKE

143) List out the employees ename,sal,PF(20% OF SAL) from emp;

144) Create table emp with only one column empno.

145) Add this column to emp table ename vrachar2(20).

146) Oops I forgot give the primary key constraint.  Add in now.

147) Now increase the length of ename column to 30 characters.

148) Add salary column to emp table.

149) I want to give a validation saying that salary cannot be greater 10,000

(note give a name to this constraint).

150) For the time being I have decided that I will not impose this validation.My boss has agreed to pay more than 10,000.


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