SQL Interview Questions part 5

You can read part 4 here.

61) Display the names of the employees from department number 10 with salary greater than that of all employee working in other departments.

 62) Display the names of the employees in Uppercase.

63) Display the names of the employees in Lowercase.

64) Display the names of the employees in uppercase.

65) Display the length of Your name using appropriate function.

66) Display the length of all the employee names.

67) select name of the employee concatenate with employee number.

68) User appropriate function and extract 3 characters starting from 2 characters from the following  string ‘Oracle’. i.e the out put should be ‘ac’.

69) Find the First occurrence of character ‘a’ from the following string i.e ‘Computer Maintenance Corporation’.

70) Replace every occurrence of alphabet A with B in the string Allens(use translate function).

71) Display the information from emp table.Where job manager is found it should be displayed as boos(Use replace function).

72) Display empno,ename,deptno from emp table.Instead of displaying department numbers display the related department name(Use decode function).

73) Display your age in days.

74) Display your age in months.

75) Display the current date as 15th August Friday Nineteen Ninety Seven.


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