Debugging is very essentials for any programming. To catch the error and its cause or traversing through the code to verify the values etc., debugging plays a important role.

we can insert the breakpoint, where error is suspected and start debugging program from that point.

We have following ways of debugging.

1. Step into(F11): In debug mode, ‘Step into’ goes line by line. If there is any function on line, It will enter the function and start debugging function line by line.

2. Step Out(Shift+F11): After step into, if it enters function and we press ‘step out’ or Shift+F11, then the code will be executed till the end of the function.Control will returns to the next line of the calling code.

3. Step Over(F10): It will also execute line by line, but if any line contains function calling. Then, the whole function will be executed and control will be returned to the next line of the calling code.

Note: Note:
We have a good feature in UFT is that we can debug or run the program from any step of the script. We just need to right click on the line of code and select options like ‘Debug from step’ or ‘Run from Step’.
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