Breakpoints help us in debugging the code. Execution will be paused at the line of code where the breakpoint has been applied. UFT allows us to put multiple break points. For putting the break point on any line of code, we just need to simply click on boundary of the script editor/expert view. Break point looks like a small red dot.We can put break point in Action script as well as in libraries.

Break points


For removing the break point, again we need to click on the red dot.

Insert and remove breakpoint with short key F9:
Another way to set the break point is ,click on the line where you want to put the breakpoint and then press F9. We removing also,we can press the F9.

Enable and disable the breakpoints: By disabling the break point,execution will not pause at the line where disabled breakpoint exists. It will be executed like a normal statement.It looks like a transparent dot. You can enable them whenever you need. For doing it, select the line and press Ctrl+F9 or right click on the line and select ‘Enable/Disable breakpoint’.

Disabled breakpoint

Clear all breakpoints: To clear all breakpoints,press Ctrl+Shift+F9. It will clear all breakpoints from script as well as from libraries.

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