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Integrating with ALM

Integrating with ALM – Before connecting to ALM, we need to check an option which allows other HP products. You will find this option at the below path. Tools –> options –> GUI Testing...

File System Objects

Use of FileSystemObject

File System Object is an important concept. It is basically used for interacting with Computer’s File System. It perform operations like Creating folder,deleting folder,Creating Text file,reading ,writing etc. Let’s see use of FileSystemObject in...

Send mail from outlook with an attachment

Send mail from outlook with an attachment

You can send mail from outlook with an attachment to intended persons. Function SendMail(SendTo, Subject, Body, Attachment) Set olook=CreateObject(“Outlook.Application”) Set Mail=olook.CreateItem(0) Mail.to=SendTo Mail.Subject=Subject Mail.Body=Body If (Attachment <> “”) Then Mail.Attachments.Add(Attachment) End If Mail.Send olook.Quit...