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Character Functions() 0

Character Functions()

Sample Database : There are following Character Functions(). 1. INITCAP() It converts the Initial letter of every word into Upper Case and rest in Lower case. This changes are only temporary and done only in...

SQL interview question part 8 0

SQL Interview Questions part 8

You can see part 7 here. 106) Display name of those employee who are getting the highest salary? 107) Display those employee whose salary is equal to average of maximum and minimum? 108) Select count of...

SQL interview question part 7 0

SQL Interview Questions part 7

You can see part 6 here. 91) Display ename who are working in sales dept. 92) Display employee name,deptname,salary and comm for those sal in between 2000 to 5000 while location is Chicago. 93)Display those employees...