System Defined Functions in SQL

Functions can basically be divided into two types :

  • User Defined
  • System Defined.

System Defined Functions in SQL:

In this Post we will discuss about the System Defined or Inbuilt functions provided by SQL engine.These functions are basically used to convert data from one format to another business format.

Categories of System Defined Functions:

1. Single-Row Functions

2. Group Functions


All the functions are explained in detail in next posts.

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Shikha Katariya

Shikha Katariya

Shikha Katariya ,the Blog author is QA Engineer by profession,Currently serving in MNC, She has more than 4 years of experience in software industry and has worked for domains like Insurance , Core & retail Banking. Always keen to learn new technologies , she has working experience in mainframes,informatica ,and ETL Testing.

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