String methods – split()

In this post, we will discuss about the string methods – Split().

This method is used to split the string on the basis of given regular expression in arguments. It will return a String array.

  1. String[] split(String regex)
  2. String[] split(String regex,int limit)

String[] split(String regex):

This will split the String on the basis of given regular expression. Let’s look at the example below. Where we are splitting an Ip address on the basis of dot(.) and another string is splitted with space(” “).

arr[0] : 124
arr[1] : 100
arr[2] : 125
arr[3] : 10

String[] split(String regex,int limit):

This method has one more parameter called ‘limit’, which decides the length of array returned after splitting the String.Let’s understand with the example below.

Length of first array : 2
Length of Second array : 3
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