Object and Classes

Object: As explained earlier in the post OOPs concept, Object can be defined as what we see around us in real world like car, pen, TV etc. It can be a physical and logical entity. Every object has a state and behavior.

Take an example of Car: A car has a state (color, model, name etc.) and behavior( driving, applying break etc.). Likewise, in programming language also we create the objects which meets the requirement of business and helps in re-usability, maintainability and robustness etc.

Class: It is a blueprint, from which an object can be created. A class is a group of objects.

Along with that a class can have the following:

  • Data members
  • Another class
  • Method
  • Constructor
  • block

Example of an object and class:

Output : null 0

Let’s take one more example , where we are creating the methods and calling that method by using 2 created objects emp1, emp2.

New keyword is used to create the object which assigns memory to it at run time.

Output : Employee 1—25
Employee 2—30
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