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Output value in UFT 0

Output value in UFT

You can get the run time value from the Action using ‘Output value’. The below video will demonstrate how to use this feature of UFT.

Checkpoints 0


I have showed the practical usage of checkpoint in the below video. It will be easy for you to understand with this video.

Installing UFT 0

Installing UFT

After downloading UFT from HP site, You will see the folder structure as shown below. Double click on SetUp file. It may security warning window,click on Run button. You will get the window as...

Introduction to UFT 1

Introduction to UFT

UFT stands for Unified Functional Testing. It is an automation testing tool from Hewlett Packard(HP) and has been released in many versions.Its latest version is UFT 12.02 and till version 11.0, it was used be...

Virtual object in UFT 0

Virtual object in UFT

UFT works on standard objects. If any application contains non-standard objects, then to work with them UFT provides a utility to map them as standard objects.This utility is called ‘ Virtual Objects’. By using...

Visual Relationship identifier in UFT 0

Visual Relationship identifier in UFT

In any application, if objects are dynamic and they do not have any stable property. Then, It is  a bit challenging to work with these kind of objects.In such cases, visual relationship identifier(VRI) concept will...

Encrypt and Decrypt the password in UFT 0

Encrypt and Decrypt the password in UFT

In most of the scenarios, we require password to login into the application or database or in any tool.It is good practice not to expose the password in the script or data input. To achieve...

Conditional statements 0

Conditional statements

Conditional statements are used to verify the conditions in the programming. On the basis of conditional statement, we can take actions like reporting the failure, moving to next step, stopping the execution etc. We...

Working with Excel 0

Working with Excel

If I ask you to tell about Microsoft Excel. What can you think of? It is an excel workbook which contains sheets, cells, table like structure  where we write data , read data etc. Same operations,...

All about loop in UFT 0

All about loop in UFT

The loops are used to execute a set of statements desired no. of times. Few loops are executed till the time some given conditions in those loops are satisfied or not satisfied. There are 4 types...