Add Element to Vector

In the previous post, we have seen what is Vector in java. In this post, we will see how to add element to vector.

There are 3 ways, we can create vector as given below.

#1 Vector vec = new Vector();

It creates an empty vector with default size of 10. If a 11th element will be added to the vector, it will be re-sized to doubles of its capacity. That means if it has capacity, it will be re-sized to 20 when inserting the 11th element.

#2  Vector object= new Vector(int initialCapacity)

e.g.  Vector vec = new Vector(5)

It will create a vector of size of 5 elements.

#3 Vector vec = new vector(int initialcapacity, int capacityIncrement)

e.g.  Vector vec = new Vector(3,5)

It has 2 arguments. First intialcapacity is 3 which means it creates a vector of size 3. Second argument capacityIncrement is 5 which means if vector is full then at insertion of next element it will be incremented with the given capacity i.e. 5. So it will become 8 (3+5).

The method to add element is ‘addElement()’.


import java.util.Vector;

public class VectorExmple {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		Vector<String> car = new Vector<String>(3);   //it has capacity of 3
		System.out.println("All cars : "+car);
		System.out.println("Vector size : "+car.size());
		System.out.println("Vector Capacity : "+car.capacity());
		//Add 2 more elements and then check its size and capacity
		System.out.println("Vector size after adding more elements than its size  : "+car.size());
		System.out.println("Vector Capacity : "+car.capacity());



All cars : [BMW, Honda, Audi] Vector size : 3
Vector Capacity : 3
Vector size after adding more elements than its size : 5
Vector Capacity : 6


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